Saturday, June 19, 2010


You begin as a thought-
a look, between two,
but you'd rather not consider that.

You entered the world
innocent, they say,
but your first taste was blood.

From christening to wedding bells,
you grew up thinking time's too slow,
but learned that it speeds up when falling.

Momentum slows.
End of show.
You go out the way you came in.

-Kelly Richardson


Greyscale Territory said...

A little sad, nailing the bare bones of life to a formulaic ritual! Interesting thoughts!

gs batty said...

very good..liked the way you putvthe words together. not sure how you understand the latter part of life so well but you nailed it.

dorinny said...

I like it! Blunt but fluid, and interesting. Great poetry.

Understanding Alice said...

hey I liked that - a great take on the prompt!

Jaycee said...

"but your first taste was blood." I liked that sentence. Creative.

Anonymous said...

Great first stanza! Thanks for sharing, Kelly...
- Dina

Carina said...

A quick synopsis of our lives. Great writing. =)

daniel said...

i agree with (Greyscale Territory) kind of sad but over all its vary creative!