Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stumbled upon a Tuesday

Well, I didn't actually use StumbleUpon for todays themed post. /shame/ I've been reading other people's blogs for awhile now, and have noticed one thing in common: we♥it. Thought to myself...geez that is lame, I'll just take my own artsy inspiration photos. Clearly, easier said than done. So I paid we♥it a visit, and guess what?? i♥it, too. Not that I am giving up on my own attempts at photography, this has simply inspired me to one day claim the number one spot on the 'recently hearted' page......../looks toward horizon, eyes brimming with optimism/

Their artsy candle shot:

My artsy candle shot:

Their aww inspiring kitten photo:

And mine:

*please note that Mowgli is by far the most uncooperative kitten in the world, and right after I took this photo she proceeded to claw at my brand-new-just-got-today comforter until she pulled a thread completely out and made a pucker. Bonus points for the long suffering cat owners? Yes please.

Okayyyy, so maybe I have a bit of a journey ahead of me as far as the photography thing goes, but to be fair, these were cell phone shots. And I don't even have an iPhone. or a smartphone, for that matter.

Magpie Wednesday tomorrow; lets hope for a good prompt so I can get back to what this blog was *originally* supposed to be about! Click the link if you want to participate, it's really a lot of fun to see all the different takes on a single prompt.

Till then! ♥

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