Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Body Image Rant: I Dare to be a D!

I got in a bit of trouble at work today. Not for the incident I mentioned in my last post, thank goodness, but for something more personal, so I am a little embarrassed.

I got in trouble for my outfit.

(SORRY, I know this is a blurry picture; but I was really late this morning, so I snapped it and left without looking at it. I'd take another one, but frankly, I'm just not in the mood because I am feeling kind of insulted. And I'm already in my house clothes anyway.)

Anyway. I felt pretty comfortable leaving the house in this; I had gotten my G.T.G's stamp of approval, as well as my moms'. When I walked through the gym to pick up my class from pre-care, I was told by 3 other teachers that they just looooved my outfit, the nautical theme was so cute, where did I shop? The only thing I felt vaguely uncomfortable about were the shoes -- I was wishing I had worn something with a little lift. Little did I know that wasn't the 'lift' I should have been worrying about...

Two hours later, the secretary hunted me down and told me that these same teachers had gone to the office to complain about my 'inappropriate clothing'. Apparently, they were shocked that I was allowed to wear something like this in front of middle school boys.


I mean, I guess it is possible that I am blind to my own bad choices, but... I honestly don't see anything wrong with what I wore. The shirt is actually fairly loose on me, not nearly as tight as these little tees are designed to be. I had a camisole underneath so it wasn't see through and it covered my cleavage; and even if I DID show some, it wasn't nearly as much as every single one of my complaining coworkers show on a regular basis. (Perkier, maybe.)

Perhaps they sensed that it was inspired by a 50's style pin up? Probably not. I really think they were offended by the fact that I have big boobs, and guess what? That pisses me off.

/Begin body image rant/

I mean, yeah. The girls are D's. And they were the bane of my existence for quite awhile. It took me a long time to start wearing something other than baggy tee shirts, and even when I worked up the nerve to buy something I liked, I would often wrap my chest down or double my bra to make myself look smaller. To this day, I will sometimes get depressed because a lot of clothes just don't look right on me: cute, modest tops can become revealing and trashy.

It is hard enough that most of the bras I have to buy are ugly, off white and frilly. Must I also wear shapeless muumuus? I have learned to deal with men ogling my chest, do I have to deal with women's condescension too? I get that I have to show discretion when I shop, but guess what? There are still clothes that will make my curves look great and modest without hiding them.

So there.
/end rant/

I wish I could buy one of the dresses from PinUpGirl Clothing...give those ol' biddies something really juicy to gossip about. One of these would do:

I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow: I already have one of their fitted wriggle skirts... it needs some mending that I have been putting off, but I feel like being a smartass, so I think I could get it done. ;)


Femmena Mala said...

Ummm this is creepy. Because as I was walking towards my computer (yes, about five minutes ago) I passed a mirror and was shocked (not for the first time) at how huge my ladies look. And really, that's in ANYTHING I wear. I also thought - What do the other teachers think? I where clothing that completely covers me up. But we are young. So OF COURSE negative connotations ensue. BLUH. I am sorry this is how your day went!!


Emma said...

screw them!! You looked great and I think it was totally modest and still super stylish and fun! What do you they want you to do? Wear a denim jumper? gag me. I wouldn't worry to much about it, if you feel good then go with that.

Vanessa said...

The worst part of this whole story is how none of them had any gumption to tell you this to your face. Instead, they had to perpetuate the stereotype of cattiness to often associated with female coworkers and run off and gossip about you.
I, for one, love the nautical inspiration!

Jingle Poetry said...

love your humor and courage ..

playful post.
you make me smile.
keep inspiring.

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bebe bird beck said...

haha I loved this! It is ridiculous that you had to deal with that. I'm sorry. :[ Sometimes people just complain for the siliest things, and it's real real annoying.
Your outfit was very cute AND modest!