Monday, April 18, 2011

My (maybe not so) Glorious Return to Blogging...

...Because even if I'm not as focused as all the wonderful gal bloggers I follow, it helps inspire me.

Maybe I don't create amazing outfits, or take breathtaking photos, or have cute crafts coming out of my equally cute craft room. Maybe I don't have an awesome new indie band to introduce you to on Music Monday. (Err, actually, I probably do, but that's beside the point.) Maybe I don't have a circle of adorable blog ladies to interview. Maybe I'm just a nerd wants to blog because she can. Maybe no one reads this at all.

But I do.

I may not fit the typecast of popular blogging ladies, but I have my reasons for blogging, and they are just a legitimate as a fashionista's desire to post an outfit per day photo. (Ahem.)

The Reasons:
1. I would like to be writing 1000 words a day. Supposedly, blogging is good for keeping the creative juices flowing. (More on my super secret but way awesome writing project later. Maybe.)
2. I would LOVE to lose 30 pounds, and I need build my endurance BIG TIME. (also, more on this later.)
3. A blogger who loves paintball, zombies, literature, and writing? C'mon, who are we kidding?? I'm gonna make it big! (Hahahaha, again, who are we kidding?!)
4. Actually, that's it, but 3 seemed kind of short.

So, here's hoping that it lasts longer this time!

I will leave you with a picture link to a girl who I find inspiring in a 'normal girl with normal problems' sort of way. (Not that everyone doesn't already know this girl, but hey. It's the thing to do.)

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