Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gosh Darn It! (Days 2&3/90)

You may or may not already know this, but I have horrid luck with technology... which is a shame, considering my nerd-like tendencies draw me to it like a moth. But give me the shiny new tech I want so badly, and the following will ensue:

1.) I lose the charger the second I'm out of the store.
2.) I go buy a new charger, but in frustration, I drop shiny new tech and scratch the screen/casing.
3.) I buy some kind of case to return the device to appropriate levels of aesthetic pleasantness.
4.) Somehow, I still sense the scratch, and in my despair, slowly start becoming less and less careful with the product I once held like a tiny, injured baby kitten.
5.) Not so shiny new tech makes its way into some sort of aqueous material, due to my newly developed negligence.
6.) Device is ruined.

(Unless I bought the insurance plan, of course. If that is the case, it will likely be in perfect condition till the day I die.)

(At least I'm not this kind of technology challenged, right?)

Anyway, that isn't exactly what happened to that LG Optimus I was so excited about a few days ago. In this case, scenario B played out:

1.) I bought hot new item.
2.) I go show off to the mister.
3.) He has hotter, newer item, that is infinitely better than mine could ever hope to be.
4.) I will never be happy again. (Spoiled much? Maybe.)

Luckily, I was well withing my 30 day return policy this time. So, I exchanged that stinky old Optimus for the Epic! Video chatting, here I come!!!!!!! (Seriously? Hello, future! Nice to meet you!)

Unfortunately, however... I forgot to back up all my photos. So everything I had planned for yesterday and todays blog post? Sitting in the Sprint store, waiting to be wiped out, refurbished, and resold to someone who doesn't mind the lack of a dual camera on their cell phone. (Cavemen.) I even had some of those artsy photos that are all the rage these days... including two absolutely perfect shots of the family Boston Terrier, Professor Baxter. (Sometimes called Sir-Farts-Alot. Seriously. Beware, would-be Boston Terrier owners.)

So, instead, here is a boring ol' photoless rundown of my diet/fitness log.

5/17/2011 (Day 2/90)
Consumed calories: 1158 out of a max 1200!
Carbs: 177g --- (uh-oh...)
Fat: 41g (getting better!)
Protein: 31g (looks like I subbed carbs for protein...oh, my American, carb hogging self.)
Workout completed: Cardio X

5/18/2011 (Day 3/90)
Consumed calories: 1325. (Ouch. That's over by 125. But I'm still in the green, according to MFP, because I worked out enough to earn some back.)
Carbs: 189g (GOSH DANG!!)
Fat: 34g (Least I'm improving SOMEWHERE!)
Protein: 39g (What can I say. I don't like red meat or fish, and I'm sick of chicken.)
Workout completed: P90x Chest, Back and Ab ripper.

So, honestly? I'm a little bit disappointed in myself, even though MyFitnessPal says if I continue the way I have been, I'll lose weight. I guess we'll just have to see, eh?


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1 comment:

Harriet said...

Oh no, that is such a shame about the photos!

I am a bit terrible with technology, but liek you say, nowhere near as bad as the lady in that photo thank goodness!