Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Changes 0_o

I am moving.
Into a house.
A Victorian style house.
The rent is next to nothing,
and it comes fully furnished,
with all this gorgeous antique furniture, and the library of my dreams...


Psyche. I got life confused with my dreams coming true.
Let me make amends.

I AM moving...
into a house,
a 50 year old house,
with zero carpeting,
and nothing to furnish it with.

The words work in progress are an understatement here. We're talking a garage that has been halfway converted into a living room and is going to stay at that halfway point for about another month and a half. The yard is a nightmare...complete with a Bruce Wayne-esque well, but without the attached mansion. Or super awesome secret bat cave. Maybe some creepy crawlies though...

But...the rent really is next to nothing, because it's all for work. Yup. I am moving into a WIP house where I will be hosting various foreign exchange students. So far all I know for sure is there will be a girl from Japan, as well as two others...I think someone said Brazil? I'll be there for the next ten months at least.

Anyone have any tips for cheap, removable interior decor?

The walls are actually fabulous... baby's breath pink wood paneling that goes beautifully with the lace curtains the previous owner left behind. If you don't look at the flooring (or the lack there of) it's actually not bad. But then you realized you're walking on painted concrete. Not cute. Still, the surrounding neighborhood has a cute vintage feel (although we're talking Floridian vintage, so....flat. That's always the best way to describe Florida landscape and architecture). I can see some potential though, and the master bedroom (mine, all mine!) has great lighting and the perfect nook for my sewing tables.

Also....I have to learn how to cook. Daily dinners are provided as part of the foreign exchange program. Still.....I know a lot of people who have done this, and they all got invitations to summer with the students in their home countries and their lives were enriched by the sharing of these beautiful cultures. ;)

Anyway. Good luck to us all.
(I hope they won't be too weirded out by my wandering about taking wardrobe remix photos of myself. Maybe I'll tell them all American girls do that...)


I really do *need* a library like the ones on bookshelf porn. Seriously. I am addicted to the written word, and borrowing just isn't good enough for me. I don't give them back. They're like friends. My room looks like Barnes and Noble threw up on it.... plus, I am working on a collection of the original Everyman's Library. (Geek x1000, I know.) I think I'll do a post on that next, which will hopefully be a dual post w/ a DIY outfit I just completed...I'm just waiting on the (free!!)belt I ordered from


Hannah Mericle (The Orange One) said...

Hey let me know the day you are moving, and I'll see if I'm off to help. :D

Megan.Margaret said...

When I saw that first picture with all the books, I about died with jealousy. good luck with finding that perfect library (I think Belle had heaven on earth-tons of books, and a handsome prince (after some serious pride issues were resolved) too boot!).
Thanks for the comment on my blog-i LOVE yours!
Oh I got inspired to make a button for my blog because of all the adorable ones on your blog. Well I made one, but don't know how to link it. (so when you click it goes to the website) Help a girl out? :)