Sunday, August 15, 2010

My first Mail2Blog post (:

Yes, this is a picture of my feet. Why? Because it's late, I'm not lookin cute, I want to try out Mail2Blog from my cell, and the things I am most happy about in the world are my new red flats. I <3 the buckles!! I shamelessly copied the lovely lady over at Classic Feminity: (guess I can't do anything fancy like rename my links here...) But isn't that was this fashion blog thing is all about? I think so. :) Anywho, I found these at a thrift store that just opened a few weeks ago, conveniently located right next to the paintball proshop I work at on weekends! Serendipitous, no? They were 75¢, and besides a tiny smudge they look brand new. I'm going to save them for my first Monday back on the job... A big day, since it's also my first real day as an international student host 'mom'.

Speaking of which... I think I may catalog my progress with that whole thing. My furniture count has gone up a bit (thankyouuuu mommy!), although the 'to get' list is still quite lengthy. Pictures tomorrow I think. I'm actually getting kind of nervous...what if they don't like me? Or if they hate the house? /sigh./

Oh well. At least I get to hold up a sign at the airport either way. :)


Megan.Margaret said...

Aww, you are just too sweet!! Thanks, girl.
Isn't thrifting the best?! =)

Ooo! Do tell about your adventures as an international host mom! :)

Kelstahz said...

No prob! :) we newbies to the fashion/blog scene have to stick together! plus, i commented on your red flats twice in the past week, and if there's one thing an English nerd like myself knows, it's to give credit where credit is due, lol.

miss indie said...

cutee blog! <33