Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I Wore Today:

Shirt: Thrilled to have thrifted yesterday! Love it love it love it.
Skirt: Also thrifted yesterday.
Shoes: Payless :)
Student commentary: (Which I think I will be including from now on, since my students are just sooo full of bright opinions)

Girl: Is that one of your 'vintage' shirts?
Me: Yes.
Girl: Mhmm. Are you going to be an old maid?
Me: What does this have to do with geometry tutoring??
Girl: Is that why you adopted kids from China? To fill the void?
(I am not kidding. An 11 year old said this to me. Although later she did ask me 'what does void mean, anyways?' But she got the spirit of it, if not the exact definition. Little booger.)
Boy: Hehehe. What's up, abuela?
Me two hours later when I remember what abuela means: HEYYYY!
Girl during prayer request time: I pray for Miss Kelly to have a good day.
Boy who either calls me mommy or his girlfriend: YES! PRAY FOR MY PRETTY LADYYYY, AY AY!

So I feel pretty neutral about the success of this outfit. :D

In other news...

I have been toying with the idea of 'themed' days, but ultimately decided against them. Too much structure for me. But I will be going including more literary topics, because that's why I started this blog in the first place. Book reviews, prompt responses, things like that. Not everyone's cup o' tea, but I enjoy it. :)


Emma said...

LOL, that commentary made me laugh so hard! What grade do you teach? Love that shirt!!

Miss Wendy said...

Those post is hilarious awesome. I will now be blog stalking you for the foreseeable future. Little kids rock.

Kelstahz said...

Thanks guys! I do get a kick out of my class, although if I ever let them know that.../shudder/

They're 6-7th graders with special needs, learning disabilities, or educational gaps. There are 30 of them, and I am part of a 3 person teaching team. (I'm their favorite, though, hehehe.)

And yes, little kids do rock! I love my job.