Sunday, September 26, 2010

Serendipitous Shopping Trips, Family Gatherings, and HHNXX.

Golly, I love three day weekends, don't you?

I packed the girls off to school without me Friday morning, much to their wide-eyed-astonishment. I slept for another hour or so then headed out for pedicures, lunch, and shopping for wedding stuff with Hannah &co. The finding of my bridesmaid dress was a serendipitous one, especially considering we were shopping for sunshine yellow sun dresses in September. (Even in Florida, that's pretty much impossible.) But, I found it. A perfect match for Hannah's sister. THE LAST ONE, tucked away on a clearance rack, in exactly my size. Wow. And thanks to Hannah's extreme laid-backness, it's something I see myself wearing again!

(Mowgli agrees, the dress is cute!)

Saturday, I took the girls to my Mimi's 61st birthday party, where they met the rest of my family. That conversation went like this:

Me: Everyone, this is Alice and Eva.
Everyone: /Silence/
Me: They are foreign exchange students from Taiwan.
Everyone: They live in your house?
Me: Yup.
Everyone:'re like, in charge of them?
Me: Yes...

A few minutes later....
Aunt J: (gestures to bbq table) Eat up lots of this good food while you can, girls. We'll make sure you get plenty of leftovers.

Oh, how little faith my family has in me.

THIS GUY wants YOU to go to Halloween Horror Nights XX, and I agree!

You can get the crap scared out of you...

Or you can be a little scary yourself.

Either way, lots of fun. I was very lucky to be given free tickets to the employee preview nights, and even though I only got to go on 4/8 houses, I had myself a blast! The houses are really good this year, and although I was somewhat disappointed in the 3 scare zones I saw, I've heard really good things about the others, and I can't wait to go back and do all the things we missed.

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Miss Wendy said...

Awesome, I love haunted houses!