Monday, September 27, 2010

Who'd you rather be; the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

The kids in my class are ridiculous. I mean, seriously. I can't make a single move without them questioning my motives. Or wear a single outfit without them analyzing it. (Better hope they never find this blog. Sheesh.) Their comments today:

Why are you wearing that belt, Miss Kelly?
Because I want to.
You know we know it's not a dress under there. It's a shirt tucked into a skirt.
...I wasn't trying to fool anyone.
Yes you were.
Yeah. You caught me. My goal as your teacher is to swindle you into believing my skirts are dresses.
Why is the waist up so high? Do you want to look like Mr.S? (our old grouchy male teacher)
My waist band is not "up high". It's on my WAIST.
NO, THIS IS YOUR WAIST! *Points 4 inches below belly button*

Pesky little things.

Anyway, I was in quite a rush this morning, and took this photo mid 'pfffft'. My bangs are always falling into my face these days, and I've been telling myself almost every morning that 'today is the day to go for a trim'. But alas, tomorrow's photo will probably feature emo bangs as well.

I mentioned that I wasn't going to do themed days, but I find myself wanting to blab about more than just my outfits. (This is SUCH a narcissistic hobby!) So, I'd like to point your attention away from me for one minute, and listen to this Most Awesome Tunage. (Originally these were going to be my 'Media Monday topic.)

Not the most interesting video, but it was the best quality. It's funny, I didn't used to enjoy female singers at all, but lately, all I've wanted to listen to is this ridiculously catchy, not-overly-deep, every-girl-has-these-problems tunes. (This one happens to be the story of my love life right now, but I won't get into that sad, sad story.)

If 50s inspired pop isn't your thing, try this by one of my favorite bands EVER....the wonderful Metric. This band is getting some well deserved attention now that they have been featured on Twilight and the Scott Pilgrim movie.

(And my blog, of course.)

I wish I could've embedded the official video, but that feature has been disabled. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the music, and if you have any listening suggestions for me, please leave a comment! I have a zune pass and I loooove downloading obscene amounts of songs. Makes me feel like I'm getting my 15bucks worth.


Anonymous said...

Aww children do say the funniest things sometimes.
Dont worry i like your outfit. ( i mean your dress skirt haha) ^__^.x

Miss Wendy said...

Metric!! One of my favorite bands ever.