Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whew! Today was some kind of crazy. First thing this morning I accidentally sent my freshly-out-of-surgery coworker flying, I made a child cry, and I almost said THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID to an 8 year old.

I'm a monster... :(

Let me explain. We have new super-slidy chairs, and I wasn't quite prepared for how fast mine flew across the floor when I stood up from my desk. My poor coworker was just innocently limping by me with her foot cast when it happened. (I also missed the trashcan and hit her with a ball of paper today. She fears for her life, and made sure not to walk anywhere near my vehicle when we were leaving.)

I made a child cry because he could sense my frustration with his inability to understand the correct usage of quotation marks. I'm STILL a bit frustrated with him, but I've certainly learned not to even HINT at it. The child simply wouldn't listen, though. And still won't. He insists that the quotation marks go in sets of 4; "I've corrected him multiple times," "said the teacher." and for the life of me, I can not get him to separate verbal dialog from the rest of the sentence.


THEN, at lunch time, a child from one of the younger classes came up to me with yogurt all over his face and said 'when I took it out of the wrapper, it burst all over me'. My reaction? "THAT'S WHAT--omg, was I really about to make a thats what she said joke to a 2nd grader??" I don't even like that joke, but I guess I've spent so much time around my guy friends that I am more like them than is professionally advisable. (esp. since I tweeted it) I can't imagine what my coworkers would have thought of me...

Anyway. I kind of feel like ripping my hair out, as these photos indicate.

What I wore to work, and then what I wore for house chores and pizza. (It's like a tropical depression here in Florida right now; I neither feel like going out, or cooking.) The work outfit top is from Kohls, the skirt is thrifted, the tights are from walgreens ^_^ and the shoes are from payless. The lazy evening around the house outfit is 100% thrifted.

Moving on to the good things that are going down for the rest of the week:

Tomorrow I am going to a beach resort for 3 days!
I am getting paid to be at the beach resort for 3 days!!
My truck should be fixed this weekend.
&I am spending all day Saturday thrifting/at the flea market.

Yeah. While the rest of you are breaking out your cardis and other fall cuteness, I will be lounging on the beach in 90 degree weather.

P.S. My theme for today would have been "Stumbled Upon a Tuesday" and I was going to share this little gem of a shop:

I don't think I've ever fallen in love with an etsy shop so quickly and completely before. There is literally nothing in White Owl that I would not joyfully pay for... the only problem is narrowing it down. I wish I could make something this beautiful.

Hmm. Maybe I will go ahead with the theme days, since I've been doing them anyway, haha. Here is what I had planned: Media Monday (music, videos, comics, etc), Stumbled Upon a Tuesday (links to internet treasures), Everyone's a Critic by Wednesday (book/movie reviews etc), and Magpie Thursday (prompted poetry etc). I'm not too sure about Fridays yet...I was going to go with the generic Friday Favorites or whatever, but...maybe I'll have a stroke of uber original genius before then.



Miss Wendy said...

Oh my, that jewelry is awesome!!

I admire anyone who is a teacher, it is definitely a profession that I just could not handle!!

Vanessa said...

Those lace necklaces are breathtaking!
(And, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!)

Emma said...

hahahaha very funny.