Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dang-it. The Hogwarts Express left without me again...

1.) I wish I could break out the scarves and tights too.
2.) Yet, I am glad I still have another month of using my Wet N' Wild pass and going to the beach!
3.) It's almost time for us Orlando-ians to start hitting the theme parks...Harry Potter World and off season lines, here I come!
4.) Time for fall colors!

(Mom, if you are reading this and cringing at my unmade bed and exposed wires, take comfort in the fact that I stood IN FRONT of the pile of unfolded laundry.)

This outfit was the product of my thrifting day with my good friend Hannah over at the Orange Animal's Blog. Everything but the belt was thrifted; and even that was free. JCPenny's and Khols insist on sending me store cash each month for some reason, and who am I to argue? In fact, they are even kind enough to let me use the code twice online, and once in the actual store! Hehe.


In other news, the whole foreign exchange mom thing is going pretty well. I went out for key copies and ended up picking up some cute hair things for the girls and I, and along the way I found out that Eva and I have a shared love of Russian nesting dolls!

I also may have inadvertently created two more Twi-hards, but I have a good reason. I wasn't home and they started watching Bram Stoker's Dracula..., which creeps out even my hardened American self... so I pulled a fast one and swapped bloodthirsty ol' Vlad for sparkly, teen friendly Edward.

It's been non-stop ever since.

I have to admit, though...sometimes it's fun to kick back and be a teen again! And we have quite a lot on our fun to-do list, besides the obvious theme park hopping. The one I am most looking forward to? Halloween. They say they are game for Halloween Horror Nights, but we will see. Trick or Treating is a must, as well as a costume party.

Here is a sneak peek of my costume:

Can you guess? ^_^


Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

You are gonna love Harry Potter world! I have been thinking about going to halloween horror nights, but I am a real scaredy cat!
And I think your costume is lil mushroom guy from mario I right...?

Kelstahz said...

You got it! :)
&You should totally go to HHN. It is scary, but in the fun sort of way. I've been going for years, and I always have a good time.