Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day weekend, Part 1

Gosh, I love being a teacher! So many mini-vacations. I've spent the first part of my 3 and a half day weekend with Eva and Alice, along with my good friend Hannah and my lovely sister Stacy...,who discovered my blog, despite the fact that when Daniel mentioned a photoshoot and Stacy says "Photoshoot? Who wants tons of pictures of themselves?" I answered "Yeah, who?" with a snotty little sneer in an effort to act like I would never keep a tripod set up in my room solely for wardrobe remix photos.


Anyway, she came around to the photoshoot idea when she found my circa 40's fedora, which looked so darling on her that I let her have it for keeps, even though it was actually a gift for a friend. (Sorry, Amelia...guess you should show up when I try to give you presents. Haha.)

We might have to break out our corsets and go back to the Rocky Horror Picture show, just so she can wear it out. I'll make sure to bring my stranger danger whistle this time, though...

Also this weekend, Alice cooked! She totally showed me and my frozen stir fry up, but it was so delicious, I'd never dream of complaining! The recipe was way easy too, and dipped in sweet n' sour or general tao, it tasted the way Panda Express tries to.

Boneless chicken breast
Hush puppy mix (we prefer onion flavored)
Soy sauce
Cooking oil.

Whip up the hush puppy mix, and flavor to taste with pepper and soy sau
ce. Cut chicken into bite size chunks, roll in mix, then drop one or two at a time into a sauce pan of boiling oil until they are golden brown. Remove and place on slatted sheet so the oil can drip off a bit, then drop each piece in again and let fry until there are crispy bits around the edges
. Remove from oil, let cool and ENJOY with your favorite sauce!

Friday night was spent at Universal's Citywalk, where we had a lovely dinner at Latin Quarter, took pictures of everything, tried on Hogwarts uniforms, and discovered that back home in Taiwan, Alice and Eva are allowed to drink beer. (Nonalcoholic, so, gross without the buzz I guess?)

Bubba Gump Shrimp

(Slytherin RULES!)

Silliness runs in our family.

Latin Quarter for dinner!

Wet n' Wild tomorrow. A theme park on Labor day? My Floridian genes cringe in horror. But all the foreign exchange families are going, so, I'll just have to make sure the girls and I are first in line right at opening and make a mad dash to the Black Hole. After that, I am going to wrangle myself a tube and drift along the lazy river for the rest of the day. :)


Oh! I can't believe I forgot, after the HUUUUGE deal we all made over these things. I bought a Chocolate Frog! I'd show you a picture of the little guy himself, but I already ate his legs. (HA!) At first only Hannah was going to buy one, but then I really wanted a card of my own, so I quite happily handed over $10 and got this Salazar Slytherin card.

I think it's a sign that I really do belong in Slytherin. Yep. Mudbloods, beware!

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Hannah Mericle (The Orange One) said...

I had a great time at Citywalk! And my wizard card sits proudly with my Harry Potter collection.