Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cuteness and Boston Terriers.


I entered this adorable giveaway and followed
and so should you.
1.) This girl has the cutest blog evah,
2.) she makes the most awesome dolls,
3.) even when I didn't have internet I followed via cell...
4.) her name rhymes with mine...
5.) and, she loves Bosten Terriers!
&&& while we are on that subject........

Meet Baxter!
Professor Baxter M. Wertherfield, that is. He was born an old man, as his name implies.
The first time I held Baxter when he was just a few weeks old!
The teenage years were difficult. All he ever wanted was the car keys.

Baxter now. He thinks he is a cat, and no surface is safe from him.

So. Baxter agrees. You should follow this girl, and not just because she has cool giveaways. :)

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Melly Kay said...

Baxter is so freaking cute!!!!! :D