Tuesday, September 14, 2010


All the happiness that came from saving $ on my school year wardrobe is draining away as I realize that my much loved paintball hobby is inescapably expensive. The Grand Finale of Paintball is coming up, and let me tell you, I am pretty darn horrified that I am going to pay so much to get so dirty. (3 days of military simulation paintball. squee!) Besides the entry and paint, which by itself comes to $110, my team is planning on getting tactical vests ($55) and walkie talkies (no price yet, but most certainly not cheap) and jerseys (which we're actually getting a deal on since we are sponsored, thank God). Personally, I need a new lens ($20) and gloves ($20, if I can actually find a pair that aren't made for men and their huge hands).

There goes my Nikon D5000 savings fund...
But I have my priorities. :)

On a more feminine note, here is my wardrobe-remix entry for the day.

Shirt: Charlotte Russe.
Belt: Was attached to an ugg-o shirt I got as a gift. Skirt: Thrifted yesterday! (originally H&M)
Shoes: Bogo at Payless :)

(Oddly, I felt tall today, despite the fact I'm wearing flats. I dunno. It's not a feeling I get often, considering 2/3 of the eleven year olds I teach tower over me. Modern food hormones, probably. Anyway, it was nice.)

On the interior design scene, things are finally getting done. My house is not exposed carpet tack free, all AC units installed, and the new flooring will be done by Sunday. What does this mean??

I can start my craft room! My sewing tables are waiting to be set up as soon as I can move the dining room table into the actual dining room. Once the craft room is complete, it will start a chain reaction of good things throughout the rest of the house: walls will be painted, carpets will be laid, curtains will be sewn and hung, and then I can finally, FINALLY, get a few of the things off of my Etsy wishlist, as well as allow myself to start picking up knick-knacks at thrift stores. YAY!!!

After that, the possibilities are endless.


Emma said...

you play paint ball?? no way!! i love it! i mean i'm a total chicken and scream bloody murder through the whole game but i love it! Did you just buy your house? I'm really enjoying your blog! keep it up!

Eva said...

I've always wanted to try paintball! But it seems scary to me...
this is inspiring to me though, as not many girls are into it!


Anonymous said...

I love paintball, you just really get to let your hair down and go mental for a change. Haha :D.
Ive added your blog button to my blog.
Mines on my blog if you want it ^___^.