Monday, September 13, 2010

Today, I was told by one of my students that I'm in need of a trim, because the back of my head looks pretty shaggy.

So I gave her an F on her math test.

Just kidding. :)

Anyway, I wore this skirt (yes, again) because the black brocade one I had planned on wearing fell off my clothes rack and was slept on by a certain kittehh last night. The vest I got at a thrift store yonkers ago, but only got around to wearing it today. Same story with the brooch.

Speaking of which... The brooch is very cute, and I was excited to actually wear a piece of my jewelry. However, kids are very grabby, and I guess a tiny guitar is enough temptation to make them forgo decorum and lunge into their teacher's personal space bubble, "just to see if the strings are real."

I also realized a pretty exciting thing today: since the start of the school year, I have only bought one outfit off the rack, but even that was marked down. I haven't paid full price for any work clothes, at all. Annnd, I haven't worn the same outfit twice. I've mixed and matched a few basics: the black skirt, the white tee, my shoes...but so far I've worn an entirely new mix every day of work since August 22. And, I have enough outfits planned to make it a whole month...all either from that dark place in the back of my closet, or various thrift stores. So, thank you wardrobe remix!


With Love, Jamie said...

Thank you!!
Your the sweetest!
xo, Jamie

Sarah said...

I love both outfits but especially the second. I love the studious student..ness of it:)