Sunday, September 12, 2010

A quick Wardrobe Remix post, and a cat story.

This outfit is entirely thrifted, which is always fun to tell people.

"Where did you get that skirt?"

"Actually, I bought it at Goodwill."

"OMG NO WAY! I thought Goodwill only sold rags for paupers!"


I think I"ll edit later with a detail shot of the's kinda lacy with these pretty roses all over. I was super excited to wear it, so it was my Friday outfit, even though that's the only day I can get away with jeans at work.

No outfit post tomorrow, since I doubt anyone cares about my paintball clothes.
Although....once I get my 'official' team gear, you can bet I'm gonna post it! I'll be the cutest paintballer the world of military simulation has ever seen. :) I have a sweet girly bandanna all picked out and everything.

Sad story. :(

When I moved into this house, the man who was working on it asked if I would mind feeding a pair of young cats that stay in the shed. I agreed, and even though they always hissed at me and never let me pet them, I got to be kind of attached to the little guys. (A male and a female from the same litter.)

A couple nights ago, the girls and I came home to see the female running around like crazy in the yard, yowling and screeching. The other was nowhere to be found. Two days later, and all this poor cat would do was cry, and her brother was still missing. The poor girl appeared terrified, hiding in the shed or running back and forth in the side yard.

Eventually, I decided to bring her inside, even though I had not planned on having any pets here. The first thing the poor thing did was to check every corner of the house, still crying her head off, clearly looking for her missing brother. It took about an hour of patient coaxing to get her to allow us to pet her, but eventually she settled down, and now likes to reside under our dining room table.

I guess something bad must have happened to her brother, and she saw it. There are dogs that wander around my neighborhood, plus huge possums and owls....and these cats are pretty small. I also find it very suspicious that the cat should disappear the same day my lawn service finally showed up...

Either way, the female's behavior is pretty heartbreaking. Even though she is happy whenever the girls and I are around, she still cries all night long.

On the bright side of things, I am still putting out food in the shed, just in case, and something is eating it. Maybe the male is ok, and just wants to be a feral cat. If this is the case, I'll just have to catch him to make sure he is neutered.

Another bit of silver lining to this story: the girls and I love having a cat. We haven't named her, but we all call her Poor Baby, so I might just make that official. If the crying doesn't stop in a week or so, and her brother doesn't show back up, we may go to the SPCA and get an older cat to keep her company...because if she can't make it through the night alone without crying, I shudder to think about what she does all day.
Yes, I am possibly going to be the type of pet owner who treats my cat like my firstborn and most favoritest child.

Now that my family circle is complete: (host)Mom, two (exchange) daughters, kitten...I'm feeling very domestic. I even mix egg with our ramen noodles... gotta get that protein. Ha.


Hannah Mericle (The Orange One) said...

Baby Moges is going to be so spoiled :P
If you need any help with that let me know and I'll be over with tuna!

Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

The story had a happy ending at least..sorta. But that cat looks just like my fat cat when she was a baby. I am a crazy cat lady who also treats her cat like her firstborn :)