Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh, the day week I have had.

I'm not going to give any specifics, but, something very disappointing happened to me this week; quite a letdown. And it's made about a million times worse that I can tell that people at work are looking at me pityingly, and tiptoeing around the subject when I am around.

Still, negative emotions are much easier for a girl to deal with when she is wearing an outfit that makes her feel like Christina Hendricks in Mad Men. (Albeit a more teacherly version, of course.) I've always hated my curves, but I definitely needed some 'look what you're missing out on' power, without it being over-the-top. C.H. is beautiful, busty and no one could ever call these outfits revealing; yet....

Hot damn!
She is officially my inspiration for fall: completely modest necklines, but landsakes, those curves! I attempted to mimic her you-could-follow-my-curves-straight-to-hell-and-back look, but I doubt I could ever come off even half as polished. (Second and third best things? Her perfect hair and makeup!)

So anyway, I got this vintage-y feeling shirt at H&M, and the skirt at Goodwill. I know I swore to buy nothing off the rack, but my excuse is that I have two girls from Taiwan living with me, they love the mall, and how can I be dragged through H&M and see a shirt this darling for $9 and NOT get it?? Clearly, I should get a mulligan.

Actually, I take back all my excuses. I felt bad about shopping for awhile, but after today, this shirt is a purchase I'll never regret. Feeling heartbroken? H&M has floral prints and puff sleeves that'll mend a girl right up!

Christian Hendricks attempt #2 will be tomorrow.

A few other things that kept me from sitting down and bawling today:

1.) This song/video by Zooey D and Joseph Gordon Levitt.
(especially the lyrics)

2.) All the new music I got with my Zune pass!
Onieda, Kary, The Vasco Era, Kings of Convenience,
The Hidden Cameras, JJ72, The Smiths, PELA, The Beta Band,
Or The Whale, Explosions in the Sky, She&Him, Emily Jane White, Blacktop Mountain.
and sooo much more! If I did a music blog, I would have to post at least twice a day, because that is how often I find new music I love.

3.) All the happy blogs out there!

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Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, that's awesome that you're focusing on the positives!!! I love your Joan-inspired look -- she's my top reason for watching Mad Men.