Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I guess my last post was pretty miserable, huh? Sorry, I was pretty upset. I still am, but life goes on. Before all that happened, I was actually pretty excited about the retreat: It really was a blast. I really love being a Floridian... life here can be this really great mix of things: beach bum, deep south, hustle-y city, tourist trap, slow paced and relaxing, etc etc. Most of all though, I can't image being landlocked.

Or not being able to hop on the 520 to go get some gator and sweet tea in a mason jar.

As upsetting as the whole thing was, I am glad Eva at least got to go on the retreat. She contacts me every few days and says she misses us, but that her new school is OK.

When we got back from the retreat, Alice had gotten a GIGANTIC care package from her parents in Taiwan. Just look at all this food! And other than the Chinese oreos, I have no idea what any of it is.

I'm excited to try it, though!

No outfit post from me for the past week. Not only has it been rough, but the weather has FINALLY taken a turn for fall, and as grateful for the cool down as I am, it goes hand in hand with my seasonal allergy attack. My nose is runny, my eyes are red, and I have the biggest dark rings under my eyes. Not too cute. I simply haven't had the motivation to wear anything creative, or to hit any thrift stores. I'll step it up tomorrow for the FACCS convention, I swear! (I will also continue my theme days for the rest of the week.)


Ashley said...

Hello Miss Kelly

I didn't know if you would ever come back to my blog again, so I thought I would post my reply here for you to read. Thanks for coming by my blog.

I just wanted to clarify a few things...

Just about everyone I love eats meat, I still love them and I never insult them or urge them not to eat meat.

Yes I think eating meat is morally wrong, does that make you a bad person if you eat meat... no.

I believe you can have bad morals and still be an awesome person. I know you have lied before, many people have, doesn't make you a horrible person, but morally it's wrong.

I have never insulted or mistreated anyone for eating meat, ever.

Every choice you make comes down to your morality.

I am not a christian.

Seems to me you misconstrued a lot of things I said.

I just want animals to be treated kindly. I love animals and I think they deserve better treatment than what they receive.

You didn't offend me, I just don't understand why you or anyone else wants to attack/question the way I live my life or my beliefs.

Kelstahz said...

I'm sorry you took that as me attacking you, when I was just pointing out that I don't see how someone can point out that other people were wrong to call *them* morally wrong, and then turn around and do the same thing! Especially when there are clearly very good points on *both* sides of the argument. I agree that the meat industry is disgusting in general. But it is also true that the laws of nature (which can not be ignored, religious or not)condone, and even demand, that animals to be used for their meat.

And I still like your blog... I certainly don't mind a controversial conversation; they're good for us, keep our minds open and fresh! As long as people are mature and don't maliciously attack the opposing side, or allow their feelings to get hurt just because someone disagrees.