Monday, October 11, 2010

I know I mentioned this before, but I am capable of summoning an unusual amount of pep on Monday mornings. So for this week's media Monday, I decided to share the song I bopped around my room to this morning as I got ready for the new work week.

That's "The Start of Something" by Voxtrot. Voxtrot isn't one of my most favorite bands, and is often overlooked on my Zune; but "The Start of Something" (the band's first single) is still a fun beat to wriggle to when you're straightening your hair. =) By the time I get to Wednesday, though, I'll probably need good ol' Cee Lo Green to sing to me about running away so I won't actually do it. :/

And YES, this song is used in the Twilight soundtrack. No, that is not why it is here. My thoughts on Twilight: Cute story, easy reading that isn't amazingly well written, annoying fanbase. There. No obsession, but no hate either, because like I said yesterday, I can find anything to appreciate about any book. (Well...almost. I admit I haven't touched that steampunk novel since Saturday night.)

And that wraps up Media Monday!
On to...not quite a What I Wore post!

I didn't end up wearing what I thought I would...I re-wore an outfit I had already blogged about *gasp* *oh no* but tried out a little pattern mixing. Do you see it? Do you?? A rose patterned skirt with polk-a-dot tights! I feel so brave and adventurous! Especially when I consider how the kids react to any thing they consider out of the ordinary. Which means anything your average pre-teen would not wear. For instance...

"Is it really necessary to wear a belt every freakin day?" -K.G

"Do teachers have a rule that says their shirts have to be tucked in too?" - U.M.

"No. But it looks more professional." -Me

"Do surgeons have to tuck in their shirts? Because I'll only work where I can have my shirt untucked." -U.M.

Ah, the future of our world and their shenanigans.... I hope they look back and remember all the trouble they gave me when it's their turn to 'bring back the 80's.'


Here is a picture of the outfit I had really been planning on wearing. I recently fell in love with silk blouses, and picked this one up at a little hole-in-the-wall thrift store by my paintball field. Little did I know the trouble it would cause me... when I got it home and showed Daniel (my go-to fella for a man's outlook on my fashion choices) he made it quite clear that he would not be seen with me if I wore it.

Me: Taa-daa!

Daniel: *stares in horror* You look like Matilda's grandmother.

Me: Is she cute?

Daniel: Kelly. I understand that you want people to know that you are older than your students, but this is going to far.

Me: I don't care. I'm putting it on my 'to-wear' rack.

Daniel: (muttering) we'll see how long that lasts....

So. In light of Daniel's vehement rejection of something I thought was okay, my judgement has been called into question. (Thus the black box over my face.) I don't know if I'll ever work up the nerve to try it out in public, but hey. At least I got some alteration practice in. (Shortened the ugg-o 3/4 sleeves.) Opinions, anyone? (Before you form one, please note the little pearl necklace that is attached to the collar, and the adorable pearl buttons!



hiven said...


daniel said...

.....ehh i still say no lol sorry love ;)

Vanessa said...

I like the print on the blouse, that's for sure! And the skirt has pockets, which makes it automatically awesome!

And I had to chuckle at your "easy reading that isn't amazingly well written, annoying fanbase" review of Twilight. I gave in and read it last year, and oh. my. word. I swear, each book could be about 200 pages shorter if she just cut half of Bella's internal monologue/anguish. (Shoot, I hope the Twilight Fanbase doesn't put this blog on Red Alert now. Sorry.)

Kelstahz said...

Thank you, VANESSA & HIVEN.
Daniel, you can suuuck it!
Heehee I <3 you!