Monday, October 25, 2010

Media Monday

Track List:
Kid on My Shoulders <---- my favorite! click to play!
The Plot
Dinner Party
Navy Wives
While We Go Dancing
I Used to Complain Now I Don't
Take a Walk Around the Table
March of the Camels
Fort Nightly
Tourist Trap

Alexander Even – guitar, vocals
Brian Betancourt - bass
Matthew Clark – drums, additional percussion
Jamie Levinson – drums
Gregory Roberts – vocals, guitar
Stephen Patterson – vocals, piano

Fort Nightly is the first album the band White Rabbits produced after being signed back in 2007. WR would be a great band to get into because they're pretty active in the recording studio as well as touring, and consistently awesome with their sound. They have been releasing singles every year since their debut, and their second album, It's Frightening, came out in 2009. Supposedly, there is also a radio single that came out this year ("They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong") but I can't seem to find it.


/end media monday
begin wardrobe remix

What?? I still do wardrobe remix? Yeahh. This isn't what I wore today - teachers can't get away with this length, because of both rules and practicality - it's what I wore to a cookout at my dad's place on Sunday. My step mom is going to culinary school for pastry making and likes to use my sister and I as test subjects, so I expect you will be seeing my wardrobe pictures becoming plumper and plumper.

Dress: Charlotte Russe (Christmas gift from my mom last year; first time it's been worn!)
Boots: Also Charlotte Russe
Vest: So old I don't really remember, but you know what? There is a good change I got it at Charlotte Russe as well...

The reason for my few and far between wardrobe posts is the fact that I am insanely bored taking them in my room. However, I don't really have time to set up my tri-pod outside every morning, and by the time I get home, I don't want the way I look to be recorded. (Middle schoolers wear your hair out, ya know??) Maybe I can enlist Alice's help and get her to shoot a few photos of me in the yard... I do have some awesome trees that would make a pretty background... I'm just kind of embarrassed about the whole my-neighbors-will-be -able-to-see-me thing, and I think Alice already thinks I'm a wierdo.

Ah well. I'll figure something out. :)

P.S. Does ANYBODY know how to get rid of that shadowy border around all my pics??? I removed all the blogger coding from around the image, as well as put a bit of HTML in my script that was supposed to do the job, but as you can see, they are persistently there. I hatehatehate them.

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I know this has nothing to do with your post (sorry >..<) But just wanted to say how awesome your blogs re-vamp is! I updated your button straight away!!