Thursday, October 21, 2010

It occured to me,
that you were something worth turning around for.
But now I see
that I, like she,
jumped blind.

A pretty face and a name written on a boat?
I had hoped to amount to more.
-Kelly Richardson

How was this inspired by a mirror? Well, whenever I see mirrors used in photography, I think of one thing: the ballad that jump started my own poetry when I first heard it quoted in Anne of Green Gables.

In the stormy east-wind straining,
The pale-yellow woods were waning,
The broad stream in his banks complaining,
Heavily the low sky raining
Over tower'd Camelot;
Down she came and found a boat
Beneath a willow left afloat,
And round about the prow she wrote
The Lady of Shalott.


On a more personal note....

I'm not sure why I'm feeling so down when I had a fun night. I went to Halloween Horror Nights (again!) with my good friend Amelia... things didn't go quite as expected, but she and I always end up having ourselves a blast.

I think it was the music.

One of the HHN houses is paranormal activity themed... you walk through this old family home and creepy ghosties pop up all around you, statues twist and scream while you walk through the story of the haunted family. It wasn't as obviously scary as some of the stuff they have there (no killer clowns) but they play this really slow, heartbreaking cello music that made me want to cry and left me with a knot in my stomach.

So when I was walking out and I got some news I would have rather remained blissfully unaware of, the two kind of merged together and now I'm in a funk. =/


Reflections said...

Sorry for the news you would rather be unaware of... sounds like timing blended the two into one reflection for you.

steveroni said...

Yep! I like your 'pie. "Pretty face and name on a boat..." WOW! How too often too true.

As to your Halloween Night, isn't it funny (well, not HA! HA!) how we are always told that it is our 'inside' which will determine how we feel? When in reality--for many of us--it is our OUTSIDE (other peeps) which make us feel this way or that.

Nice to visit here with you. Thanks!
Steve E

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

wow..this was a gut shot of a post..
let him have it, Kelly :)

ugh, the cello and violins and children singing in a group always does me in...

Hope you are feeling better

Anonymous said...

don't be in a funk... clowns are always freaky no matter where you see them.... :-). very nice magpie and thanks for the post on mine. hey how powerful are the last two lines...? awesome, but a bit sad if i must say.

take care...700


Anonymous said...

I have no idea about the other poem - it sort of reminded me of the novel Rebecca.

RNSANE said...

Excellent magpie - sorry for your bummer of an evening out. Asi es la vida, as they say in Spanish. Things will get better, of course.

Brian Miller said...

sorry you are in a funk....cant place the reference...i thought of a couple songs but...more than a name on a boat...nice.

Jingle said...

lovely tale,
hope you well...

Fireblossom said...

"The Lady of Shalott" is my favorite poem. Tennyson was a true master of language.

I like your poem. You already amount to more, simply having written that.

The cello-haunted house sounds right up my street. *shiver*