Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yeah. That's another new banner. But I loves it even more! So much, in fact, that I made it into a button, which you can find at the end of this post as well as in my side bar. If you are interested in trading, let me know, and I'll put yours up asap!

When my GTG found out that I had paid someone to do a chibi me for my blog, he was rather put out. "That's not original!" He said. "Anyone can have a designer do something for them. People want to see what YOU can do."

And I had to agree, of course. So I gave it a try:

Not exactly what I had in mind for my banner, but at least now you know I made the attempt.
(Good thing it wasn't my dream to become an art teacher...)

In other news, Alice (my foreign exchange student, for newbs. :) and I went shopping today, and my Halloween costume is complete! I decided against Toadstool, briefly considered Velma, but then realized that really, there is only one costume I could possible do this year. Hint: Soon, there will be an animated as well as real life version of my banner. Kid friendly, but cute enough to party in. :D

Alice hasn't decided what she wants to be yet, although I am pushing for that little mouse that always follows Hello Kitty around... wouldn't we be the cutest??

♥you all!

*Don't forget to add my new button!

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Stephanie said...

I scooped your button!! I was looking for one last week, so I am glad I have one now :)