Monday, November 8, 2010

I Wish it was Still the Weekend (Part Two) ♥

Yesterday, I was supposed to go to Islands of Adventure with my friend Carmen. However, I woke up feeling headachey.. so no roller coasters for me. Instead, I did a little baking, then went over to Miss Hannah's house with the goodies. :)

I've been dying to try these colorful cupcakes ever since they first appeared on The Dainty Squid, and even though mine didn't come out quite as perfect as the ones pictured above, they were still yummy and super fun to make. *Note: don't disregard Miss Kaylah's note about white cupcake liner being the best for this recipe. I used pink, yellow and white, and as cute as I thought the colors would be, they weren't. Trust me.

Anyway. When Alice and I left the house to head to Hannah's, we had a laugh because she was wearing her purple hoodie, and I my purple scarf. When we got to Hannah's, she was wearing purple too! A couple hours later, when my good friend Amelia showed up, guess what she was wearing too? We got quite a kick out of the whole thing.

My Outfit Details
Shorts/tights: Target
Tee: Tilly's
Jacket: Hurley
Scarf: Hot Topic *blush*
Beret: Gift from a friend in Ireland (I have one in teal, too! Squee!)

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