Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Weekend in Photos (Part One) ♥

1.) The cold weather has FINALLY arrived! It's was in the 50's today, which means we Floridians were breaking out our parkas. Myself, I dragged out my scarf and hat collection, wore my favorite red beanie to a picnic in the park, and couldn't be happier. (The people organizing the picnic are from Ireland, so this weather is downright pleasant for them. They'll probably run around Disney in shorts and tank tops.)

2.) My favorite thing about my favorite restaurant has always been their obscenely tasty blueberry muffins. They're even amazing when they're burnt! Imagine how ecstatic I was when I walked in and saw that the bakers had used their magical-muffin-making-skills to create an autumn muffin masterpiece: Pumpkin and Raspberry Spice. I must replicate it.

3.) Part of Friday afternoon was spent at my Mimi's house. My Mimi is the Jedi Master of Antique Shopping. The Guru of Thrifting. The Ultimate Treasure Hunter, if you will. I snapped a ton of pictures of her collection, the one I chose to post is the one that has fascinated me since I was a kid: her Raggedy Ann collection. It's massive, adorable, and part of it is mine! Yep. The original Raggedy Ann doll in the left hand corner is being kept safe for me to pass on to my own kids.

4-6.) After being inspired by my Mimi's awesome collection, I did a little antiquing of my own. I didn't buy much of anything, but there are three things I am considering going back for.
  • The doll and cat makes me think fondly back to my days of reading Little House on the Prairie, but is $25 too much for a rag doll?
  • The Typewriter. Love at first sight. If I had had room in my car, it would have gone home with me. It still might, because even if a doll isn't worth $25, the typewriter is.
  • Antique thread collection. Bit of a mess, but if I go back for the typewriter, there is no way I'll leave those adorable wooden spools behind.

7.) The only thing I bought today! (For $2, how could I not?) My Poloroid camera collection has gone up to 2. I can't wait to get my hands on some film, and see how they shoot!

8.) This one is actually a surprise. I am going to do an art project! I've already started, and I am pretty optimistic. Can't wait to finish!

Tomorrow, I am spending the day with some most fabulous ladies at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then coming home to finish up some paperwork and bake a special treat for my coworkers. What are you guys up to this weekend? Did you blog it? If yes, where?

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rachael said...

I have that typewriter! lol never thats not the case mine came in though. neat!