Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I want right now, more than anything else, is for my hair to magically skip this awkward mid-length phase and be long already! I don't know what I was thinking, chopping it all off! So here I am, lurking on weheartit, looking longingly and these luscious locks.

So pretty! :)

Anyway, today was a much anticipated end to a very stressful week. The one thing I consistently look forward to about my job was nonexistent, as was any notion 'job security'. Remember the last two incidents I mentioned? My mom pointed out that the kid who I suspended is the son of one of the teachers who complained about me, and the others were her cronies friends. And that the last two staff members who tried to discipline that child as harshly as he deserved mysteriously weren't asked back the next year.

I'm a bit bothered, not because I am scared of them, but because I thought that once I was a part of the adult world, I wouldn't have to deal with these cliques any more. What I never realized as a student, though, is that high school/college cattiness is just practice for grown up bitchiness.

Ah well. I can deal with being the odd one out now and then. Especially if it means I get to maintain my self-respect. I'd rather read during my lunch break than gossip anyway!

My smart ass-ish outfit did not go unnoticed, though. :D So my neckline wasn't within two inches of my clavicle bone? Fine. I'll wear a turtleneck... and still showcase the fact that I am pretty darn comfortable with people knowing I have curves.

So ha!

Shirt: JCP
Skirt: PinUpGirl Clothing
Belt: Ross
Shoes: Payless

(You can expect to see a lot more of these 'wriggle skirts'. 50's pin up inspired looks are my new obsession... I'm thinking I'll do a post about some of my favorites. This weekend, I also plan on hitting my favorite thrift/vintage stops to see what I can come up with!)

In other news, I got a new kitteh today! He is a so fat and fluffy, and I love his odd coloring...mostly black with gray and brown splotches, then orange toes. What a little wierdo. He is tentatively named Ursis Arctos Horriblis Grizzly, or Little Bear for short. He loves Mowgli so much, and every time he spots her, he literally bounds over, not realizing that the friendliest thing she sees him as is a snack. Hopefully time will cure this impulse, because although she may not understand now, she needs to realize that Little Bear is her half-brother, and a part of the family now.

(An unsuccessful sneak attack. More like a cuteness attack!)

Teacher's convention tomorrow- I swear, if I don't win a dang door prize this time, I am NOT going next year. Universal Studios is just around the corner from the convention center, and why should I listen to some lady in a suit set tell me how to deal with A.D.H.D creatively for the six millionth time when the Hulk is calling my name? If those lectures are that boring, I can't imagine their 'tricks-to-make-even-the-most-stubborn-ADD-student-an-avid-learner' can be all that great. Newsflash: having your powerpoint pictures spin a bit doesn't count as stimulating.


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Miss Wendy said...

You are my hero. Way to show those lame 'ol bitties!!!! Wriggle skirt = epic win.