Sunday, November 14, 2010

So, I've decided to save my movie post for tomorrow. Since it's supposed to be Media Monday and all. :) For today, I've just got an update on my weekend, complete with outfit posts... and I'm sure you are positively glued to your screen at that prospect! Teehee. Hot news or not, it's been a good one for me. I spent Saturday night watching the UCF orchestra at their Beethoven Forever concert, in which an old friend of mine was performing. Afterwards, Alice and I went out with a couple of friends I hadn't seen in forevs to get pizza. (This must be the weekend of catching up with old pals, because I have very similar plans tonight!)

Saturday outfit:
Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Tights: Target
Belt: Stolen from Universal's wardrobe department.*
Boots: Charlotte Russe

Sunday outfit:
Skirt: reconstructed from an old dress :)
Tank: Walmart
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Same as yesterday!
Messy room: always and forever by me.

*Funnyish story regarding the belt situation. I have worked at all of the main Orlando theme parks; Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World. At all three, your work uniform is considered a rental, and you return it at the end of your employment, or have an extortionate amount of money docked from your last paycheck. Somehow, though, I managed to keep a free belt from all 3 uniforms. :) Actually...*evil grin* I made off with my entire Disney uniform. Suckers. Too bad it wasn't one of the cute Epcot ones, though...I worked at Star Tours, so it's a space-y jumpsuit and a lightsaber. The lightsaber being the only thing I've gotten use of again.

Another useful thing I stole from Disney? I know how to get the Fast Pass machines to print out unlimited fastpasses. Haha at managers who thought I wouldn't use that tidbit again!


Megan.Margaret said...

LOVE both of these outfits, especially the one with the black tights. Adorable!

eelectroCutee said...

like your Sunday outfit.. :D

Erin said...

Love both of these and I especially love those tights!

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i just love both of these outfits! especially the skirt in the second cute!