Sunday, April 24, 2011

Run Away, Run Away, I'll Attack.

So. I had a happy, spring time sort of post planned for today.
BUT that is not to be. I am angry, you see.
Very, very ANNNNGRRRYYY, and not Easter-ish at all.
Today, I feel a little bit like this:

Well, maybe not that angry, but pretty close. :)

What's Pissing Me Off Today:

1.) I almost got into a fight at the 30 seconds to Mars show last night. Course, this girl took care of business before it got out of hand, but it put a bit of a damper on the night. Here's the sitch: The besties and I were at the show, and a couple of chicks behind us got REAL up close and personal. (Which was somehow our fault, even though they were the ones who brought a freaking picnic. To a concert. Standing room only.) After a bit of scuffling for foot room, one of the girls whipped out her camera phone, took a picture of my girl Amelia's bahonky (butt, for those of you who don't get me) and posted it on facebook. I mean, seriously!!! They were high-fiving about it. We were totally classy though, told them we didn't want trouble, we were just there to hang out with our friends and hear some good music. Guess they really wanted that fight, though. When the show started, I was physically thrown out of my group by this bitch, who proceeded to stand in the middle of my friends and shove them around.

So. I bodyslammed her.
I had to be RESTRAINED. It was AWESOME.

2.) My move out date was today, and my landlord cut my water off early. I mean, are a shower and a working toilet to much to ask for on moving day??? Guess my landlord called to get my utilities cut off before he did the Easter Sunrise Service. Thanks, Pastor.

3.) I'm doing p90x, so I can't have any Easter candy.

What's Cheering Me Up:

1.) I just ordered this android phone, and it cost me $0.00!!

2.) Despite it all, it's springtime in Florida. All it takes to cheer me up is a walk outside, and to remember the beach is 20 minutes away.


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