Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Ready to Bring It!

As I think I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I am trying going to get my ass in shape. For serious. Anyone heard of Beach body's P90x program? It's 12 DVDs of exhausting, painful, butt kicking (In the good way. Mostly.) workouts that use a method called muscle confusion to whip your bod into shape in 90 days. I've been doing the workouts for the past month, but I find that I am in serious need of some re-commitment. So, I am setting myself some ground rules.

(click image for the blog of an already successful P90x lady. Very inspiring, maybe my workout soulmate. I mean, Chipolte diet??? Working out to look like your favorite RPG character?? Come ON! I want to eat Chipolte every day and be as hardcore as Marian Hawke!)

1.) No "I'm too tired today" breaks. If staying out till 2am is going to make me miss my workout, I won't stay out till 2am. It'll make me miserable in the morning anyway. (I will sub workouts-for-workouts though. If I play paintball all day, I'm not coming home and doing Ab Ripper X. My abs will have been ripped already, thank you very much.)

2.) I will make my way through the entire workout as best I can. I've been getting discouraged too easily...if pushups are too hard for me, I'll try a few, swap the rest for some cardio, and move on.

3.) Diet, diet, diet! I have been pretty good about not drinking soda, and I haven't had fast food in weeks. (Go, me!) BUT, my eating habits could still use some help... plus, I am starting a new job where packing a lunch isn't going to be convenient, so I need something to keep me disciplined. My method of choice? A photo diary, combined with calorie counting through My Fitness Pal. They even have an android app, so no excuses for me!

4.) No matter how tempting it is to slip Red Dead Redemption (Undead Nightmare Expansion OMG) into my Xbox instead of a P90x DVD, I will KEEP PRESSING PLAY.

So there you have it. My game plan.
Now for some motivation in the form of self-inflicted embarrassment.

I did take the standard Day 1 P90x photos, but I'm not masochistic enough to want those out in the big wide world just yet. Those will probably stay safely hidden on my memory card until I have some awesome Day 90 photos to put up next to 'em. This bikini picture will just have to do for you guys! It was taken only a couple days ago, and will represent my starting point.

Bust: 37.5 inches
Waist: 33 inches
Hips: 39.5 inches
Thighs: 37.5 inches
Bicep: 12 inches
Weight: 150 pounds

And there you have it. More information about my body than even my sister. (Unless you're reading this, Stacy!) I will weigh in daily, and re-measure every Monday. This girl is ready for some changes!!! (And to maybe look like these gals?)

Nothing like a dose of inferiority to jump start a diet, eh?
Be back later with my workout/diet entry for the day!


P.S. If there are any other bloggin ladies doing something similar out there, leave a link! We can be in soda-less misery together!


rachael said...

You can do it! :) I started working out in April(?) and I can really tell the difference! although, I dont think i'll ever look like the girls at the end of your post lol

Vanessa said...

You have some great goals!!!
I think like you-if something is going to get in the way of my workout I just don't do it-I need to keep exercise my priority right now.

I use Myfitnesspal as has helped me lose 45 pounds :)

Have a great week!

p.s I blog every wed about getting fit!

TriGirl said...

Wow! So jealous that you were in water *outside* just a couple of days ago :D (I don't go into open water around here without a full wetsuit...ever).

Sounds like you've got a system all worked out--awesome!

Stopped by from Get Fit on fTLOB :)

Lolita Lemon said...

good luck with your new diet/routine.whenever im too tired to work out I just think about how amazing Im going to feel afterwards, which I always do!!

Dichohecho said...

Something's gone seriously strange in Google Reader, it's decided to give me all your posts for the last few months today! (and none before)
I hope this is going well :)
There are 5 English girls dieting together at and sharing tips on low fat meals & a few are doing something called the 30 day shred. Sounds horrific to me but the blog's a good 'un.